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    Part of the liberal campaign this year has been socialized medicine, the government providing heath care to everyone in the US.  With the government controlling health care in our nation every one will be forced to pay for it via tax increases.  You are no longer provided with choice.  Choice, competition, free trade, and open markets is what has defined our country since the founding fathers.   This article in the Star Tribune is the exact reason we need open markets in health care.  When you loose the open market you loose competition driving the market to better it’s self.

Star Tribune Article


You don’t have to be a scientist. Part 1.

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Vostok Ice Core Graph


I’m sure every one is sick of hearing about global warming, and I am too. But no matter where I go, what I do, or what I watch we are inundated with global warming propaganda and I’m getting sick of it. If you look logically, intellectually, and with an open mind at the gw debate, there are three different sides that tend to emerge.

1. Global warming is here and we are causing it.

2. The globe is warming but we are not causing it.

3. Global warming may or may not exist but whats wrong with being environmentally aware.


Let’s break down each side of the debate.


1. Global warming is here and we are causing it.

If you have seen Al Gore’s “An Inconvinent Truth” you probably remember when he is standing on stage and the big graph appears behind him. The graph is called the “Vostok Ice Core” Above Image. This is a major point in Al’s documentary. See on youtube. From the above image it does look like temperature is the cause of co2 levels. Examining this more closely and overlapping the two graphs you can see that Temp(blue line) actually precedes CO2(red line) 1000’s of years.



Vostok Ice Core Combinde

We can then infer that CO2 levels do not cause Temperature rise but Temperature causes CO2 levels to rise and fall. Also from this graph you can see that temperature and CO2 are not constant and in fact the world goes through many periods of warming and cooling.


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Election 1984 Map

What is this blog?

My hope for this blog is to present facts and resources for those reading to do their own research on political topics in todays current events. I will provide links to audio, video, government resources, and other factual sites to for you to research for yourself.

Who am I?

I am a conservative living in the state of Minnesota who is frustrated with the current state of things in our nation.  I have been feeling very helpless in the past couple of months and have been looking for a way to get my frustration out.  I’m not a writer, which will become evident very soon.  I am not a politician, scientist, economist, or journalist.  All my views come from what I read, listen to, and research.